Chronology Development: Sample preparation, cross-dating (skeleton plots), ring-width measurement, standardization, and assessment of chronology quality;

Dendroclimatic Reconstructions: Response-function and transfer- function analysis;


  • Dendroarchaeology:Case studies from North America and Russia;
  • Dendrohydrology:Regional drought reconstructions for the USA, Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, and Eurasia; Colorado River reconstruction of annual flow; reconstruction of river flow from riparian tree rings;
  • Dendroecology: Fire history and climate patterns in conifer forests of USA, North Africa, and Eastern Mediterranean;
  • Dendroclimatology: Precipitation and drought index reconstructions in the eastern and western Mediterranean, Eurasia, and the USA;
  • Role of Dendrochronology in natural resource management: Collaborative planning for water sustainability in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa.